BOC is proud to be the official gas and welding partner to Edd China’s Workshop Diaries. As the UK & Ireland’s leading supplier of welding gases, equipment and consumables, we are thrilled to be supporting the world’s favourite mechanic and teaching him a thing or two about welding whilst we’re at it. Whatever project you’re working on, BOC’s extensive range of welding and shielding gases, equipment, expert welding knowledge and safe practice will help you get the job done.

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  • List of products with links to buy
  • List of products with links to buy
  • List of products with links to buy

Featured Products


BOC Argoshield Shielding Gases

BOC’s Argoshield is an advanced range of shielding gases delivering superior welding performance, productivity and lowering customer operating costs. These welding gases are simple to use, achieve fast travel speeds resulting in minimal distortion and spatter, and provide consistently good penetration and fusion with flat weld profiles.

Each Argoshield gas combines Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen in differing variations to maximise effectiveness for the specific type of welding being undertaken.

Argoshield Universal is precisely formulated for MIG welding sheets and thin sections of steel between 4 and 10mm thick. For mild steel under 4mm, use Argoshield Light, and for steel greater than 10mm, use Argoshield Heavy.


BOC PAPR System Welding Helmet – Built-In Air Fed Welding Helmet & Kit Bag

OHE450-PA700V2 Welding helmet and kit bag. A powered air purifying respirator circulates filtered air into the helmet.

  • Lightweight belt-mounted blower unit delivers filtered air via an air hose into a headtop welding hood
  • Supply of filtered air creates positive pressure inside of the headtop to prevent external contaminated air from entering the user’s breathing zone
  • Digital ADF 4/5-8/9-13 fitted with blue LCD enhancing the visibility whilst welding
  • Flip part allowing pre- and post-welding application at ease with a larger viewing area

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BOC Gauntlet Welding Gloves

14″ leather gauntlets with double palm and thumb.

  • Superior quality split leather
  • Fully lined 100% cotton
  • Full one piece back
  • Stitched using Twaron Aramid Fibre Thread for extra security
  • Reinforced palm and thumb
  • Suitable for MIG and TIG welding

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BOC Series 6000 Flowgauge Regulator Arc 40L

Two-gauge single-stage flowgauge regulator incorporating a fully encapsulated BOC valve for exceptionally consistent flow characteristics, longer life and improved performance, and precision-engineered components for greater safety.

  • Static flowmeter, where outlet flow is indicated on a suitably calibrated pressure gauge
  • Suitable for general MIG / TIG welding applications where flow indication is not absolutely critical
  • For use with argon or carbon dioxide
  • Flow: 0–40 l/min
  • Inlet connection: BS 341 no. 3 5/8″ RH
  • Outlet connection: 3/8″ LH
  • Pressure: 300 bar

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“BOC are thrilled to be the official gas and welding partner to Edd China’s Workshop Diaries. We have a long history as the UK’s leading welding gas experts and are excited to be working with the Workshop Diaries team to bring the best tips and tricks to make each project a huge success.”

Jon Black, Director Industrial Products, BOC UK & Ireland